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U.S. military support for Kumamoto: Misguided Osprey criticism

 The U.S. air transport support began for the Kumamoto Earthquake disaster areas where aftershocks continue. In the disaster areas suffering severe disruption of transportation network, local government officials, police, firefighters, the Self Defense Forces and volunteers continue search and rescue operations, recovery activities and evacuee support. Under such emergency situation caused by sudden major disasters, support from a foreign country is greatly appreciated. However, it is incomprehensible that some criticize the U.S. forces from ideological standpoints despite the fact that those forces are assisting Japanese disaster victims experiencing hardships.


At 5th Anniversary of Great East Japan Earthquake, Robust Steps for Regeneration of Tohoku Region Encouraged

As of March 11, five years have transpired since the Great East Japan Earthquake. 15,894 people have perished and 2,561 people are still missing. We want to offer a prayer of condolence for people who lost their lives and renew our determination for recovery.

br>Value of human bondage felt Many people still have vivid memories of the initial shock of that tragic day and ensuing anxiety, insecurity and sadness. Time stopped on that day in the minds of many victims of the disaster who lost their beloved family members and friends