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Security legislations taking effect Improvement of legislations needed in the future

 The security legislations which allow limited exercise of Japan’s right to collective self-defense went into effect. Although some think that “improvement of defense legislations has been completed,” the legislations still contain many defects in comparison to security legislations of major countries in the world. Continuous improvement of legislations should not be neglected in the future for national security assurance.



Unanswered Questions

On February 22, Ms. Ganaha Masako, who presides over the Ryūkyū Shimpō-Okinawa Taimsu o Tadasu Kenmin-Kokumin no Kai (Prefecture and National Movement to Correct the Ryūkyū Shimpō and Okinawa Times), sent letters to the editors of both of these newspapers requesting them to answer a series of questions about their reporting, with a deadline of February 28. The deadline passed with no answers to the questions, and hence no accountability of their reporting.


China’s rule by coercive power causes mistrust in the world

 The National People’s Congress of China, equivalent to Japan’s Diet, completed its 12-day session.



At 5th Anniversary of Great East Japan Earthquake, Robust Steps for Regeneration of Tohoku Region Encouraged

As of March 11, five years have transpired since the Great East Japan Earthquake. 15,894 people have perished and 2,561 people are still missing. We want to offer a prayer of condolence for people who lost their lives and renew our determination for recovery.

br>Value of human bondage felt Many people still have vivid memories of the initial shock of that tragic day and ensuing anxiety, insecurity and sadness. Time stopped on that day in the minds of many victims of the disaster who lost their beloved family members and friends